Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Musings on VC event with Edna

VC with Edna Dach (EIPS) - July 10, 2007

Teachers can have an impact both here at home in your school that you teach in/community that you live in. You can also impact students around the world. We (Alberta teachers) are amongst some of the best educated/ best practiced teachers in the world. It is not for us to just impose what we do in Alberta but we can coach/mentor other teachers in helping them develop their own skillsets and become better teachers which in turn can impact those students that are halfway around the world from Alberta.

VC does not replace f2f. VC will become such a powerful tool when you can simply call a person much like a phone call and have the VC simply work. You don't need a big preparation time and you don't suffer from screen freezes, drop outs, etc.

Monday, July 9, 2007

First Podcast by Tony

Hey everyone, I've posted a new episode on my podcast. It's my first try so be nice...
Check it out; I think you'll like it!

Title: joe's podcastEpisode: Podcast July 9 2007



Visualizing in Humanities

July 09 -07

Amazing how technology has made the dichotomous key so much faster and effective! With so much information now available to a single student, the ability to "mine" the data will give students access to so much information. It will no longer be the recall of factual information but the ability to find the facts that will make you "smart"!

The big fear here is the potential abuse of these new tools by persons not yet identified. If lurkers, pedophiles, terrorists, etc. can find out everything about a person, then there is so much damage that can be inflicted on that person. You've had a messy divorce and have moved away to start a new life and suddenly, the ex shows up at the door...

Thanks Stan for a most informative presentation. Sharing cutting edge material is a rare trait but should be something that we professionals aspire to - open source!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Personal Reflections

This is my first entry. Just testing...